Wednesday, September 20, 2006

sweater, horray!... scarf, grrrrrrrrrr!

soooooooooo... i have officially begun my first sweater! well, i started one last year but it was poo... so, i have officially started my first sweater i'm going to finish! it is the central park hoodie from knitscene magazine modified to be a smidge more boyish. i'm using paton's classic wool (cause it's all a boy can aford right now, riiiiiiiiight) in a deep olive color.

i cast on last night and have been a knitting fool since. i've finished the ribbing and four cable repeates! here is the progress two cables back.... being attacked by the cat that ate chattanooga!!!

now, i have finished knitting the two halves of the certain something for the certain someone. enter the problem. since the something was knit in a chevron pattern and has a scalloped end... well, three points on the end form the zig zagging... the other end does too once you bind off. i didn't realize this... i assumed it would be straight like it looks when is on the needle and that i would need to knit two parts and then graft it together. which i did. but i messed up. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. so i ungrafted it and haven't had the heart to go back to it yet. tomorrow. pictures to follow once i have it sent off to mr. certain someone :)


Anonymous Jen M. said...

Saw your post on craftster and I love your sweater! All of your work is beautiful, and really polished.

12:56 PM  

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