Thursday, September 14, 2006

kool aid rocks!

the first attempt...

me soaking my thumb after burning the shit out of it when i lifted the plastic wrap after microwaving.

so, i got totally inspired after the first attempt and decided to dye four different 110 yrd hanks of fishermen's wool four different shades of red. now... i shouldn't show this here yet becuause this yarn is for a certain project for a certain someone who will probably see it here first...

one is strawberry, one is black cherry, one is tropical punch, and one is cherry with stripes of the other three.

i also need to show off the amazing yard counter hank maker thingy my brother made me. it is made from an old piece of our house and parts of broomstick handles that my father never got rid of. it is wonderful for measuring out yarn for dying or after unraveling a sweater!


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