Monday, August 14, 2006

knitting on the bus...

my summer time in new york is winding down and steven r. and i are heading back to chattanooga on wednesday. now, if i was a smart person, like steven r., i would have bought my plane ticket by now. but i'm not. and i haven't. and tickets are now 7000 dollars. sooooo, i'm thinking of taking a little adventure and greyhounding it back to chattanooga. it takes 20+ hours and i have to make two transfers but it is half the price of a flight. i haven't made up my mind yet, but it certainly sounds like something that could end up as a great story.
speaking of steven r., here is a picture of the two of us taken ealier this summer in central park:

(steven r. on the left, steven m. on the right)
now for some knitting pics... i've been making mittens this summer. i'm trying to get my pattern for them just right and have as many as possible for christmas gifts this year. they are made from cascade 220.

also on the needles... a scarf from a cone of wool i bought at school products and a hat for my amazing niece made from a pattern from 'itty-bitty hats' by susan b. anderson.

the ribbons are a little crazy.


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