Monday, August 07, 2006

mmm... new yarn, new pattern

aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh.... i made it down to purl in soho today and got to spend a leisurly evening running my fingers over the towering shelves of yarn. sigh... heaven. i was there to buy yarn to make up a new baby hat pattern becuase a) having a new baby niece has given new purpose to my knitting and b) i'm thinking of knitting up some baby hats to sell at my sister-in-law's autumn craft bazaar thing. she sells discovery toys and her friend sells something else you order from a catalog, so they are going to get together and do one event for the holiday and sell crafty goodness as well.

when i was a little boy, my mom and grandmother would have a bazaar around christmas at my grandmother's house and would sell all sorts of things... jars filled with candy with these baked and glazed pie looking things on top (i think they were actually made from dough and shellacked to kingdom come)... crocheted ornaments.... lots of crocheted ornaments... ice skates with paperclips for the blades, angels, snowflakes... bags of chex mix (we called them doo dads).

it. was. amazing.


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