Tuesday, August 15, 2006

summer reading

gah!!! i'm sitting in a pile of books trying to fit my entire life from this summer into two checked bags and two carry-ons. at this point, one of the carry-on bags is ENTIRELY books! i thought i would jot down some of the books i read this summer:

the object of my affection - stephen mccauley
the road to wellville - t. coraghessan boyle
garlic and sapphires (the scecret life of a critic in disguise) - ruth reichl
i am not myself these days - josh kilmer-purcell
the pillars of the earth - ken follett
molto agitato (the mayhem behind the music at the metropolitan opera) - johanna fiedler
a treasury of royal scandals - michael farquhar
the lovely bones - alice sebold

alrighty, just wanted to get those down so i can actually remember that i read them later. ok, and i totally wanted to take a break from the packing.


Anonymous Anna said...

It's good to see you've brought your obsessive compulsive listing problems into the digital age. :)

11:50 AM  

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